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Kataplexy for Ella Erika escort wrote:
I think where she went wrong here was to tell you. In an ideal world being open and transparent would be preferable, but in an ideal world grown ups would be able to handle that kind of info. I kind of get why you can't. I've felt jealous before, of course. So really, since you can't handle that sort of thing the only way for you guys to be together and not be miserable is for her to keep that kind of info to herself. It happened before she knew you, she shouldn't be punished (by having to choose between you and her friends) for not having been faithful then. see the review
Slipper for Somadina escort wrote:
She cheated on you with this guy and they are still talking. Where is your manhood? see the review
Woady for Sara Lovise escort wrote:
As far as my reading comprehension goes the OP never see the review
Leviton for Miraningrum escort wrote:
told us if the sex was before or after they started dating. see the review
Mouille for Htoo escort wrote:
I think where she went wrong here was to tell you. see the review
Anchorite for Insly escort wrote: Well at least you have the forethought to put a warning label on your own honesty. see the review
Fodders for Eva Isabelle escort wrote:
Well played. see the review
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